La Ñusta's Garage Bodega
Enjoy the winemaking experience
The top winemakers for the best wineries in the valley also make their own personal wines at home, in their "garage bodega."  These unique wines are personal expressions of the winemaker's taste, made in small batches to share with friends and maybe sell a few bottles.  Most of all, they're made for the love of the art of winemaking and the wine itself.

La Morada de los Andes community has its own "garage bodega," a small winemaking facility that we use to produce wine from our La Ñusta vineyard. Pronounced NYOO-stah, the vineyard is a high-density plantation of 6,400 vines of 1.17 hectares.

Planted to the highest standards, it combines one of the greatest terroirs in the world, the purest water from the snow-capped Andes, stunning landscapes, a genetic selection of Malbec from the famed Valdeflores vineyard, and an outstanding team on the ground.
From tending to vines between harvests, watching the vineyard leaves unfurl and the plump grapes ripen, harvesting, and all the wine-producing stages, La Morada homeowners can enjoy La Ñusta and its rich premium wines, literally savoring the fruits of their labours.

La Ñusta vineyard is cultivated to produce very low yields of super-premium Malbec specifically for La Morada homeowners and Club House visitors to enjoy.

Homeowners receive 30 bottles a year, and can purchase more from the homeowners' Club House.

Proceeds will be applied to offset homeowners' expenses.